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Best Coach in Orland Hills

Since beginning her life coaching practice, LaToya Jacquelyn has been inspired by the powerful transformations my clients have gone through. At the heart of it, I help clients around the world manifest the lives they've always wanted. I'm passionate about leading by example and empowering others to reach their ...
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My Coaching Tips

With my coaching process, I am dedicated to guiding you through a transformative journey using the principles of Positive, Passionate, and Purposeful (3P) lifestyle development. By leveraging these principles and employing effective mental coaching techniques, I will assist you in breaking free from your current ...
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Effective Solutions

Coaching sessions with me will help clients choose the best way to think and manifest the life they desire. With my guidance, clients will learn how to create positive vibrations within their energy fields and harness the energy that is in tune with their thoughts. Through our work together, I will provide ...
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